Boys 4 piece Suit Navy Short Set

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This stylish 4 Piece Grey short suit is beaming with style for that perfect summer wedding.



This stylish 4 Piece Navy short suit is beaming with style for that perfect summer wedding.
The suit made from high quality, light weight fabric consists of a full sleeve white collar shirt, elasticated shorts, a 4 buttoned waistcoat and a Wine satin finished bow tie to seal off this stunning suit.

Ideal for any special occasion, both warm and cool temperatures this suit is made to shine. Available for a limited time only and at a great price!

This suit includes:

  • Waistcoat
  • White shirt
  • Shorts
  • Bow tie

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3/6 Month, 6/9 Month, 9/12 Month, 12/18 Month, 2/3 Years, 3/4 Years, 4/5 Years, 5/6 Years, 6/7 Years, 7/8 Years, 8/9 Years


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Inside legJacket LengthSleeveChest
0/3 months14-18"6"12"8"20"
3/6 Months15-197149.520
6/9 Months16-20814.51121
9/12 Months16-209151222
12/18 months18-2210151322
18/24 Months18-22131613.524
1/2 Years16-201416.5925
2/3 Years17-201416927
3/4 Years18-2215171426
4/5 Years20-2316191527
5/6 Years20-24172015.527
6/7 Years20-2519211628
7/8 Years20-2520.5221729
8/9 Years21-2622.5231829
9/10 Years22-2724232030
10/11 Years23-2725242032
11/12 Years24-2826.52520.533
12/13 Years24-2827262134
13/14 Years24-2928272234
14/15 Years25-3129282334

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